User Manual For iMicro Q2


iMicro Q2 works with your smartphone to observe tiny objects and record digital micrographs as a portable digital microscope.


Install the APP

Scan the QR code to download and install the APP i-SEEING. For Android version, you need to set the permission by going to Setting->permission setting->App permission setting->i-Seeing to set camera to be accessible.


iOS App at Apple App Store


Android APP at Google Play


Install iMicro Q2

 Pull it from the storage case, align the lens with phone’s primary camera, attach it to the phone through its nano-suction pad.


Make observation

Place the specimen on the storage case and use the case as a stand for observation. Turn on the flash light and place the iMicro Q2 on the specimen. The phone will automatically focus, and a clear image will appear on the screen.

When observe transparent samples, such as µRuler or sample slide, the reflecting pad can be used to reflect light to illuminate the sample.

The µRuler M

5 types of ruler can help you in the calibration of the scale bar in APP, to enhance the capability with size measurement.


A. 0.1mm line ruler
B. 0.05mm line ruler
C. 0.1mm cross ruler
D. 0.5mm grid ruler
E. 0.2mm grid ruler

    Calibrate the scale bar

    If you want to measure the size of micro-objects, you need to calibrate the scale bar.

    Make observation of the µRuler, enter the calibration mode* by pushing the gear button.

    *The calibration code is on the label on the storage case, under the bar code.

    and tune the magnification number to match the scale bar with the real length on the µRuler M.

    The default number is 125 for Q2.



    • Clean the surface with soft cloth, no organic solvent should be used.
    • Keep the lens free of dust, clean the lens with soft lens tissue.
    • Please keep the iMicro and phone camera clear of dust and oil to ensure stable attachment of the lens to phone camera.
    • The nano-suction pad on the backside of the device can be cleaned with stationary tape if it is contaminated by dust.


    • Magnification: ~100-800X
    • Max view field: ~1.8mm
    • Working distance: 0.2mm
    • Size: ~12.7mmX3.2mm
    • Weight: ~0.37g